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What Are Teeth In A Day Implants?

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6 months ago

You’ve heard about dental implants and agree they are a great alternative to dentures. There’s one form of implants that you may not know of just yet. There’s a solution known as Teeth in a Day. Before you assume that other options would work just as well, it pays to learn more about this dental solution. Here are some essentials that you need to know.

The Basics of This Approach

Teeth in a Day involves the installation of a small number of dental implants. Rather than one for every vacated socket, the typical approach is to install four to six implants along the upper or lower jaw. These serve as the anchor for a plate that resembles a full set of upper or lower teeth. Once the implants are in place and the dental professional is sure they are secure, the customized plate is affixed to the implants. After the plates are in position, the patient is left with what looks like a full set of healthy teeth.

Can They Really Be in Place in One Day?

In most cases, the process can be completed in a single day. Some dental professionals prepare the plates in advance. That makes it possible to attach them as soon as the implants are in position. Others may provide temporary plates while the permanent ones are being prepared. In the latter scenario, you may need to come back the following day in order to receive those permanent plates. With either of these outcomes, you have a set of teeth that are fully functional and look great in a fraction of the time needed for other solutions.

How About Taking Care of Them?

One of the great things about implants is that they are much easier to take care of than dentures. With the plates affixed to the implants, you can brush just as you once did with your natural teeth. Using mouthwash regularly is still part of the basic routine. Your dentist will still want to see you for a full examination annually, since this provides a chance to check the tissue around the implants and detect any minor damage to the plates. You should also have a couple of cleanings each year to remove residue and allow the professional to check for any signs of gum disease or infection.

Will They Last Longer Than Other Solutions?

As any expert in Mississauga family dentistry can tell you, implants of all types are intended to last for decades. If you damage a plate, it can often be repaired. When the damage is extensive but the implants are still firmly in position, it’s just a matter of replacing the old plate with a new one. Given the durability of the plates, it would take an accident or some other catastrophic event to require a replacement. Contrast this with having to replace dentures after several years.

Is Teeth in a Day the right solution for you? The only way to know for sure is to consult your dentist. If you are a candidate, it won’t take long to schedule the procedure and have you on the way to once again flashing a beautiful smile.

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