Sedation / Sleep Dentistry

Sedation dentistry at Skymark Smile Centre offers patients a comfortable and stress-free dental experience. Our highly skilled team understands that dental anxiety is common and can be a barrier to seeking essential dental care.

We aim to alleviate these fears with sedation dentistry by providing various options tailored to individual needs. Whether you need mild sedation to ease nerves or more profound sedation for more complex procedures, our priority is to ensure comfort and relaxation throughout your visit.

By incorporating sedation techniques into our practice, we strive to make dental appointments a positive and calming experience, allowing our patients to achieve optimal oral health without anxiety or discomfort. Trust Skymark Smile Centre to prioritize your well-being and deliver exceptional dental care in a relaxed environment.

What is Sedation Dentistry?

Sedation dentistry entails the administration of pharmacological agents to induce a state of relaxation and alleviate anxiety in patients undergoing dental procedures. This approach is particularly advantageous for individuals with dental phobia, heightened sensitivity to pain, or those necessitating extensive dental interventions. Sedation levels vary, ranging from mild anxiolysis achieved through oral medications to more profound sedation via intravenous (IV) administration supervised by qualified practitioners. Tailored to individual requirements and procedural complexity, oral sedation promotes patient comfort and cooperation, facilitating the delivery of necessary dental treatments with enhanced efficiency. Moreover, it ensures procedural safety and patient well-being by mitigating anxiety-induced complications and optimizing clinical outcomes.

Who can Benefit from Sedation Dentistry?

  • Sometimes the patient is simply to young to understand and tolerate the procedure
  • When there is a special needs patient that is unable to comply during treatment
  • Severe gag reflex, causing the patient to be anxious and uncomfortable during their appointment
  • Dental phobia or anxiety
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Sedation Options

Nitrous Oxide (Laughing Gas)

While Nitrous Oxide doesn’t actually make most people laugh, it creates a very pleasant, relaxed and floating feeling that will alleviate any anxiety about the procedure. Due to the fact that all of the Nitrous Oxide is flushed from your system with Oxygen at the end of your appointment, you are able to drive home and do not need to be accompanied to your appointment.

Oral Sedation

We can offer a pill to help you to completely relax during your dental appointment. With this type of sedation, you will require a ride home and someone to stay with you for the remainder of the day, as you may be sleepy or groggy for several hours afterwards.

IV Sedation

IV Sedation provides a deeper sedation than the oral and NO2 options. Most patients report that they felt as though they slept through their entire appointment and have very little memory of the procedures. IV sedation is a type of conscious sedation, so you are still able to respond to the doctor during the appointment. With this type of sedation, you will require someone to come with you for your appointment, to provide a ride home and stay with you for the remainder of the day, as you may be sleepy or groggy for several hours afterwards.

Risks of Dental Sedation Services


Sedative drugs can cause drowsiness, lethargy, or grogginess, which may persist for several hours after the procedure.


Headaches can occur due to the sedative medications or tension during the dental procedure.

Dry mouth

Sedatives can reduce saliva production, leading to a dry mouth sensation.

Respiratory depression

In rare cases, sedative medications can cause slowed breathing, leading to respiratory depression, especially in patients with underlying respiratory conditions.


Who provides sedation services?

Dentist that offers sedation and has undergone specialized training in sedation dentistry. It's essential to inquire about the qualifications and credentials of the dental provider offering sedation services before undergoing any treatment.

What is sedation dentistry?

Sedation dentistry involves using medication to help patients relax during dental procedures. It's particularly beneficial for individuals with dental anxiety or those undergoing extensive treatments.

How does sedation dentistry work?

Sedation can be administered through various methods, including oral medications, inhalation (nitrous oxide or "laughing gas"), intravenous (IV) sedation, or general anesthesia. The method used depends on the patient's needs and the complexity of the procedure.

Is sedation dentistry safe?

When administered by trained professionals, sedation dentistry is generally safe. Our dental team has extensive experience in sedation techniques and prioritizes patient safety throughout the procedure.

Who is a candidate for sedation dentistry?

Sedation dentistry is suitable for patients with dental phobia, high anxiety levels, sensitive teeth, a low pain threshold, or those requiring lengthy or invasive dental procedures. However, candidacy is determined on a case-by-case basis after a thorough evaluation.

Will I be unconscious during the procedure?

The level of sedation varies, from mild relaxation to deep sedation or general anesthesia. In most cases, patients remain conscious and responsive but deeply relaxed. However, for certain procedures or patients with severe anxiety, general anesthesia may be used, rendering the patient unconscious.

Are there any risks associated with sedation dentistry?

While sedation dentistry is generally safe, there are risks such as oversedation, adverse reactions to medications, respiratory depression, or aspiration. However, our team takes all necessary precautions and closely monitors patients throughout the procedure to minimize these risks.

How long does the sedative effect last?

The duration of sedation varies depending on the type and dosage of medication used, as well as individual factors. After the procedure, patients may experience residual drowsiness or grogginess, so it's important to have a responsible adult accompany them home.

How should I prepare for sedation dentistry?

Our dental team will provide specific instructions tailored to your procedure and the type of sedation used. Typically, patients are advised to avoid eating or drinking for a certain period before the appointment and to arrange transportation to and from the dental office.

Will I feel any pain during the procedure?

Sedation dentistry helps alleviate discomfort and anxiety during dental procedures. Local anesthesia is often administered in conjunction with sedation to ensure patients remain pain-free throughout the treatment.

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Fantastic place! I went in for the first time, and I couldn't be happier with the way I was treated. Alice at the front desk is extremely friendly and really generous. She made sure that I went out with a smile on my face. Dr. Goli and Dr. Ishan were my dentist and dental assistant and they did a great job with cleaning my teeth. They were all extremely supportive and made me feel comfortable in a place where not many can be comfortable. They made me feel like there was still hope for my teeth and gave me great advice on how to keep them healthy and clean. Overall, this place is fantastic and the staff are super friendly and supportive. Come here if you want any kind of dental service!


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Wonderful experience! From Alice at front desk, the dental assistants Amy & Ishan, all the way up to Dr. Sadeghi; Skymark Smile Centre are welcoming and friendly. I’m looking forward to my continued bookings with them!