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One of the most frequently asked about procedures in the dental office is veneers. These days it seems like everybody is in search of that perfect “Hollywood” SMILE! Dental veneers are a relatively simple way to dramatically change the look of your teeth in a very short time. Generally speaking, ceramic or porcelain veneers can be created and inserted in just two appointments. The first appointment is to prepare your teeth and take impressions and the second appointment is where we cement in the beautiful veneers. In between those two visits, your veneers are custom made for you by one of our lab technicians who specializes in cosmetic dentistry. You will be able to decide on the colour, the shape, and the overall look of your new smile. Veneers can correct mild crowding, stains or discolourations, chipped or broken teeth, and can completely transform your SMILE! Have you always wondered how you would look with a Hollywood smile? Call to book your FREE, no obligation consultation today!

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