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Dental Surgery at Skymark Smile Centre

Dental Surgery

Dental surgery is a particularly complex field of dentistry and various surgical dental procedures are available to us these days. The type of dental surgery you may need will depend on the condition of your dental health. Your dentist will decide on a procedure that is appropriate for your specific situation. You may need dental surgery for conditions like tooth loss or impacted teeth. Certain types of oral surgery are completed in a single visit, while more intricate procedures may require more than one visit.

Our surgeons are skilled in performing various routine as well as highly complex procedures. At Skymark Smile Centre, our super team are more than happy to assist you whether you need a tooth extraction or dental implants.

Dental Implants

Dental implants are highly effective for people who have lost teeth as result of injury or infection. They are also a great alternative to use instead of dental bridges or dentures. These implants are anchored into the jawbone surgically and their main purpose is to function as substitutes for the roots of your teeth. Dental implants stabilize your new artificial teeth to which they are attached.

Tooth Extractions

Surgical tooth extractions are more complicated than regular or routine extractions. Surgical extractions are most commonly reserved for situations where the tooth still has to break through the gums. In other words, the gum tissue still covers the tooth partially or completely. During the procedure a small incision will be made in the gum tissue. Your oral surgeon will choose a sedation method to make you more comfortable.

Of all the teeth in your mouth, your wisdom teeth are the last to erupt into your oral cavity. When they align properly and if the surrounding gum tissue remains healthy, you don’t have to get your wisdom teeth removed. Unfortunately, this doesn’t happen very often. When your wisdom teeth can’t erupt, for whatever reason, it becomes necessary to have them extracted. Impacted teeth tend to grow in all directions while trying to find the correct path through which they are meant to erupt and this can lead to several dental problems.

The problem is that when a wisdom tooth erupts only partially, the resultant opening that forms around that tooth creates an opportunity for the development of an infection. This may lead to pain and swelling among other symptoms. The pressure of this partial eruption could disrupt the natural alignment of your smile as it causes some of your other teeth to move out of place. You can resolve this issue by getting the impacted tooth removed. Early removal is generally recommended as a way to avoid problems with your wisdom teeth altogether.

Our dental surgeons are skilled in various dental surgery procedures. At Skymark Smile Centre, we are available to assist you with any questions you may have concerning your dental surgery. We provide all dental care services at our offices in Mississauga, ON.

Dental Surgery at Skymark Smile Centre

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