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Dental Bridges

Dental Bridges

Your teeth all work together to help you perform daily functions such as eating and speaking. This may sound obvious, yet a lot of people only start to appreciate the part that their teeth play in these functions after they have lost a tooth. Moreover, missing teeth could also affect your dental esthetics and health. Therefore, it is extremely important to have any missing teeth replaced as soon as possible.

Teeth are often lost because of injury, age or certain medical conditions. When you loose a tooth, it is critically important to visit your dentist to discuss the options they have available for replacing your tooth. Getting a dental bridge is probably the best solution to this issue.

Why are Dental Bridges so important?

In dentistry, dental bridges are used to replace missing teeth and to provide a literal bridge connecting the teeth. The teeth on either side of the missing tooth are called abutment teeth and the replacement tooth is known as the pontic.

Dental bridges are used to help restore your vibrant smile and to support the shape of your face. Bridges can also assist with proper chewing as they ensure that the jaws close properly into the correct position when you are biting down. This helps to prevent the other teeth from moving out of their normal positions.

Fixed bridges are the perfect solution for restoring your appearance along with your dental health. They offer many benefits. Dental bridges, for instance, provide amazing cosmetic results as they eliminate spaces and help to create an incredibly uniform smile. Moreover, they can deal with any problems you may be having with talking or eating.

Removable bridges are another available option. They can be taken out, but they offer less stability than fixed bridges.

Dental bridges are especially designed to match your natural teeth. They restore your teeth so that you can enjoy a long-lasting, beautiful smile. The result? A functional restoration with cosmetic excellence.

A missing tooth doesn’t have to impact your dental health or appearance.

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If you are searching for a dentist you can trust to help you achieve a beautiful and more functional smile, your search is over!

At Skymark Smile Centre, we care about your appearance and your dental health and if you get regular dental check-ups at our offices, we can assist you with prolonging the functionality and appearance of your new bridge.

Dental Bridges

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