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We all know how important dental hygiene is. However, many people are still unaware of how essential oral health is for maintaining overall health. Dental hygiene should not be neglected.

The fact is that good dental hygiene starts at home. Brushing and flossing are important for removing food particles that tend to get stuck in your teeth. It also helps to remove plaque that forms on the teeth over time. The whole concept of dental cleaning is about more than simply brushing our teeth regularly. Even if you have the best brushing and flossing routine you can still have a hard time removing debris and bacteria from teeth as well as gums. Dental plaque begins to harden if it is left on your teeth for too long. Once this has happened, only your dentist and dental hygienist cleaning will be able to remove it. Hardened plaque is called tartar or calculus.

Tartar and plaque build up on your teeth if you don’t get regular professional teeth cleanings and the bad news is that it can cause tooth discoloration or even tooth decay. When plaque and tartar build up on your teeth you can be faced with serious dental problems in the end. On top of this, yellowed teeth make smiles less attractive. Dental cleanings can effectively remove stains from your teeth. With regular teeth cleanings you can look forward to a healthy, vibrant smile!

Plaque and tartar are removed along with unsightly stains during a dental cleaning. This will ensure that your teeth and your gums are as healthy as they can possibly be. Using specialized equipment, a qualified dental hygienist or dentist can take care of the build-up on your teeth.

Bad breath is a well-known sign of periodontal disease because gum infections can cause mouth odor. You can improve bad breath significantly with repeat dental cleanings. A professional dental teeth cleaning can be regarded as a preventative dentistry service that can be effective for maintaining oral health. Booking dental hygienist cleaning can greatly assist in the prevention of gum disease.

At Skymark Smile Centre, we recommend getting regular dental teeth cleanings. While some people may only need a few dental cleanings in a year, it is important to keep in mind that other people may need cleanings more often.

It is highly advisable to get regular professional dental cleanings in order to avoid any future dental problems.

Our team at Skymark Smile Centre is more than happy to answer any questions you have about the dental teeth cleaning and preventive dentistry services we offer. We can help turn your everyday smile into your dream smile!

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My wife got out two of her wisdom teeth today and Dr. David Sadeghi was very professional and perfect with his work.He did excellent job. It was a smooth 10 minutes procedure and Dr. David and his team was very helpful.One of the best dental clinics in Mississauga.


SkyMark Smile centre is a very good dental office, with a good team cooperation, very professional doctors and assistants, very enthusiasm manager and reception. They smile when I come there, I smile when I leave. This is a trusted place to go. I would like to recommend my families and my friends to come this dental office.


I've had really bad experiences with Dentists. My friend recommended them to me and they are the best of the best! Great staff, friendly, clean and very efficient in their work. They accommodate all necessary needs! Grateful to finally have dentists I can trust!


I wanted to express my thanks to Skymark Smile Centre. I have been a customer for many years and they are the most reliable, knowledgeable and have the most friendliest staff ! Equipped with the most up to date technology for a dentist office. 100% Recommend this office for your dental needs.


Excellent service. Staff are friendly and knowledgeable—doctor, hygienist and receptionist. The space was clean and I didn’t have to wait long for my scheduled appointment. Highly recommend them.


I definitely recommend skymark center, the staff is very friendly and have always welcomed me from the very beginning - Thanks to Marium and Alice❤️ My dentist Dr Goli and her assistants have been a tremendous help from the the very start. Dr Goli is very gently and very professional at her work.


Fantastic place! I went in for the first time, and I couldn't be happier with the way I was treated. Alice at the front desk is extremely friendly and really generous. She made sure that I went out with a smile on my face. Dr. Goli and Dr. Ishan were my dentist and dental assistant and they did a great job with cleaning my teeth. They were all extremely supportive and made me feel comfortable in a place where not many can be comfortable. They made me feel like there was still hope for my teeth and gave me great advice on how to keep them healthy and clean. Overall, this place is fantastic and the staff are super friendly and supportive. Come here if you want any kind of dental service!


Skymark has a convenient location with available parking. Alice is very friendly and attentive, Dr David and staff are most gentle and pay attention to patient’s comfort, and of course, health and well-being. I’m really happy that I switched to their dental office.


I had the most amazing experience at Skymark Smile Centre. Such a warm and welcoming office. From the moment you enter everyone from front desk onwards does their best to make you as comfortable as possible. Dr. Goli has such a gentle hand and I have been to my fair share of dentists but I’ve never had such a pain free injection as I did here. I highly recommend this office to anyone who is anxious about dental treatment like I am. Thank you Skymark team!


Wonderful experience! From Alice at front desk, the dental assistants Amy & Ishan, all the way up to Dr. Sadeghi; Skymark Smile Centre are welcoming and friendly. I’m looking forward to my continued bookings with them!