5 Key Questions People Ask About All on Four Dental Implants
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5 Key Questions People Ask About All on Four Dental Implants

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7 months ago

Have you heard about Teeth in a Day? This procedure is more commonly referred to as All on Four. In fact, your dentist may be recommending that you switch from conventional dentures to this solution. Here are a few of the more common questions about this type of dental implant. The answers will help you decide if this alternative is the right one for you. 

What is All on Four Anyway? 

All on Four dental implants is a procedure that involves inserting four strategically placed implants in the upper or lower arch. A custom dental plate that looks like a full set of upper or lower teeth is attached to those implants. In many cases, you will receive a temporary plate on the day the implants are installed. After your healing is complete, the temporary plate is replaced with a permanent one. 

How is This Different From Other Dental Implants? 

The All on Four solution is different in that you need fewer implants. The conventional approach would be to inset one implant for each tooth that it replaces. While a great solution, individual implants require more healing time and it will be weeks or months before you have a full set of teeth. 

By contrast, an All on 4 procedure can be completed in a single day. You leave the office with temporary plates that look like real teeth. Once your permanent set of plates are prepared and your mouth is healed, you will return for the installation of those plates. 

Won’t Dentures Do Just as Well? 

If you read some of the All on 4 dental implants reviews online, you’ll find that many former denture wearers prefer implants. They don’t require messy adhesives, there are no worries about anything slipping out of position, and the plates attached to the implants tend to be sturdier than conventional dentures. 

Many people believe that their new All on Four implants look more like the real thing than their dentures. There are also other benefits, such as never having to remove the dental plates. As you read the reviews, you’ll find more reasons why many patients would rather go with the All on Four solution. 

How Much Will All on 4 Cost? 

It’s true that undergoing an All on 4 procedure is more expensive than being fitted for a set of dentures. You will also find that the expense is less than installing a series of individual implants. When people ask “how much is all on four implants cost?" they don’t always think about the savings on the back end. That includes savings on supplies, repairs, and eventually having to replace a set of dentures after several years. By taking into account the ongoing as well as the up front expense, it’s easy to see why the All on 4 cost is so affordable.  

Is It Complicated to Take Care of the Implants? 

Anyone who has worn dentures know they need a lot of attention. With All on Four dental implants, the routine is much like taking care of real teeth. You brush, use mouthwash, and may even be able to floss. You still go in for an annual checkup and at least one teeth cleaning per year. In other words, taking care of your teeth will not be complicated at all. 

Would you like to learn more about All on Four dental implants? Talk with your dentist today. Once you have all the facts, saying goodbye to those old dentures will be easy. 

Andrea Galick

Andrea Galick is an accomplished Dental Hygienist (RDH) with a passion for helping patients achieve optimal oral health. Andrea has built a reputation as a caring and skilled practitioner who puts her patients at ease and provides individualized care that meets their unique needs.