Why Porcelain Veneers are Right For You
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Why Porcelain Veneers are Right For You

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Has your dentist mentioned the possibility of veneers? There’s no doubt that can improve the appearance of the teeth and even help with issues like cracked teeth. Before deciding you can get by just fine without them, take some time to explore what they can do. Here are some examples.

A Natural Shade of White

Some people believe that veneers leave the teeth looking a little too white. In fact, porcelain veneers can be tinted to match the rest of your teeth with ease. Instead of standing out, they help the damaged tooth to blend right in with the rest. No one will know you have veneers unless you choose to tell them.

Resisting Stains

You’ve undergone whitening treatments and that helped quite a bit. There are a couple of teeth that still seem to be a little more yellowed than the rest. Did you know that veneers resist staining from things like coffee, tea, and tobacco?  If you don’t plan on changing your habits any time soon, it’s nice to know those porcelain veneers in Mississauga will not take on a dull shade of white because of what you choose to consume.

Made to Fit Each Tooth

Veneers are not one-size-fits-all devices. They are custom made to fit the contours of your teeth. The goal is to ensure they look natural and are perfect in terms of colour, proportion, and shape. When the dentist is done, those teeth will look better than they have in years.

No Recovery Period

Many of the treatments offered by your Mississauga orthodontist involve some type of recovery period. At the very least, they may require that you take the rest of the day off and refrain from any activity that could cause complications.

That’s not the case with veneers. You can leave the dental clinic and jump right back into your normal routine. Go back to work, take in some shopping, or head to the gym for a workout. Most people find that they don’t even experience soreness or any type of discomfort in the hours and days after the veneers are installed.

Keep in mind that if you do require sedation during the appointment, you will need to make some provisions for the after effects of being sedated. Once those effects fade, do whatever you like.

Easy to Combine With Other Treatments

Did you know that veneers can be used in tandem with other dental solutions? For example, a combination of veneers and crowns may be used to repair a tooth that is cracked and chipped. Your dental professional will assess the issue and talk with you about what can be done to correct the problem. In some cases, there may be some other work to do on the tooth before the veneers are applied. 

Remember that porcelain veneers provide strength to teeth and can last for as long as 15 years. Take your dentist’s advice seriously and consider having the veneers installed. Once the work is done and you see the results, there will be no doubt that the right decision was made.

Andrea Galick

Andrea Galick is an accomplished Dental Hygienist (RDH) with a passion for helping patients achieve optimal oral health. Andrea has built a reputation as a caring and skilled practitioner who puts her patients at ease and provides individualized care that meets their unique needs.