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How Often Should I Be Having a Dental Cleaning?

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7 months ago

There seems to be some difference of opinion about how often patients should schedule dental cleanings. Some even question the need to have cleanings at all. In order to help you sort through the varying statements people make about this form of dental hygiene and care, here are some things you should know.

The Generally Recommended Frequency

The majority of dental health professionals will recommend that you undergo a dental cleaning in Mississauga once every six months. This is true even if you are diligent with brushing after meals, using floss several times a week, and in general take excellent care of your teeth.

This suggestion is based on the fact that brushing and flossing still leaves behind some residue. A professional can remove that residue that remains on the surface of the teeth and in between. By getting rid of that residue, you decrease the potential for a number of dental problems, including tooth decay.

The cleanings also serve as the opportunity to do some quick checking on your general dental health. In this sense, the cleanings provide a way to identify a small issue before it becomes a larger problem.

Are Their Factors That Would Make It Advisable to Have Cleanings More Frequently?

Dentists may advise their patients to come in for more frequent cleanings. This can be due to less diligence with daily dental hygiene, but it can also be due to some chronic dental issue that tends to generate more bacteria in the mouth. With this type of scenario, the dentist may recommend three cleanings or year, or even quarterly cleanings.

Keep in mind that the increased frequency is part of the plan to ensure you enjoy the highest level of dental health possible. While it may be difficult fitting those additional cleanings into the schedule, the effort will pay off as the years pass and you enjoy fewer dental problems.

What About People With Braces?

People with braces may need more frequent cleanings. Depending on what kind of braces, retainers, or aligners are used, doing a thorough job of brushing and flossing may be difficult. The result is more residue left on the teeth. By going in for cleanings based on the schedule recommended by your dentist, there is less opportunity for damage to the teeth to take place.

Do People With Implants Need Dental Cleanings?

It’s true that dental implants are not real teeth and they are not subject to decay. Even so, it’s still possible for residue to collect on and in between the implants. That residue is a breeding ground for bacteria that could cause any number of dental issues. Your best bet is to heed the advice of your Mississauga family dentist and come in for cleanings at least twice a year.

Dental cleanings are a part of a balanced dental hygiene plan. Schedule them according to the advice provided by your dental professional. In the years to come, you will appreciate the results of those cleanings and the way they ensure you always have a brilliant smile.

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