New Teeth in One Day: How All on Four Dental Replacements Can Fix Your Smile
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New Teeth in One Day: How All on Four Dental Replacements Can Fix Your Smile

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There’s more than one approach to replacing failing teeth. One point to remember is that not all of those solutions are right for every situation. Before you decide to settle for something that’s not really the best choice for you, it’s worth the time and effort to consider Toronto all on four implants. Here are a few of the benefits that this solution will provide from the moment they are put in place.

They Really are Teeth in a Day

You’ve heard All on Four implants referred to as Teeth in a Day. That’s not just some marketing ploy to lure in consumers. This particular alternative to natural teeth really can be in place in a single day. Compared to other options, that means enjoying a beautiful smile with no waiting.

The process is not difficult. Four implants are positioned in the upper or lower gum. A dental plate fashioned to look exactly like a healthy row of teeth is attached to the four implants. In most cases, the plate is temporary. You’ll wear it until the custom-designed plate is ready, usually a few days. In the meantime, the temporary plate will ensure your smile is brilliant.

Say Goodbye to Yellow Teeth

Teeth that are in poor condition are often somewhat yellowed. The yellowing could be the fact that all or at least most of the enamel has worn off. It could also be that the foods you consume, the beverages you drink, and the tobacco products you’ve used over the years took a toll. Whatever the case, your teeth are yellowed as well as not being in the best shape.

Since your teeth have to come out anyway, you do want a solution that restores your smile. Choosing All on Four is a great way to enjoy a beautiful smile once again. In place of teeth that may be a little worn down and are definitely not the natural white they were in years past, your Teeth in a Day look like your real teeth did before all the wear and tear occurred.

Think of what that means for you and your perception of your appearance. While you may be happy with the way you look otherwise, those yellowed teeth tended to spoil everything. Perhaps you’ve grown accustomed to smiling with your lips closed because of the way your teeth look.

After undergoing All on Four procedures, patients no longer have to be concerned about how their teeth look. They can smile as broadly and as often as they like. There’s no yellowing and no apparent defects. All you see in the bathroom mirror every morning is a beautiful smile. When you are around others, they’s what they will see too.

Even and in Perfect Proportion

Perhaps yellowing was never the problem. Instead, some of your teeth were worn down. Maybe a few were chipped over the years. The combination of defects led you to be a little hesitant to smile and laugh as much as you did in the past. That will change when you undergo the procedure for All on Four in Mississauga.

The custom plates prepared as part of the All on Four solution look just like teeth that are even and naturally proportioned. There are no teeth that are a little too long or some that are shaped oddly. The amount of care that goes into preparing each plate ensures the fit and the look is just right. For the first time in a long time, you can relax and know that your teeth look great.

Smile With No Worries About Slippage

You are also a candidate for dentures. Given the fact that dentures are typically less expensive, why not go with that option? There are actually several ways that choosing the All on Four in Mississauga works better. For now, consider a common denture problem: slippage.

In order for dentures to remain in position and to avoid irritation to the gum, there’s the need to use some sort of dental adhesive. On the surface, that sounds fine. The dentures will hold most of the time. It’s those events when the adhesive fails to work and the plates slip out of position that you need to worry about.

The slippage is not likely to occur when you are by yourself. A more likely scenario is that they slip when you are out eating with friends or engaged in sort of serious conversation. Remember all it takes is biting into something that pulls at the plates a little to begin the process. Even if the plate does not shift at that moment, it’s likely to do so a little later. Do you really want to face the possibility of having a plate slip just as you are talking, laughing, and smiling?

Patients who tried dentures and then opted for All on Four procedures can tell you that Teeth in a Day provide all the benefits of traditional dentures and none of the drawbacks. With All on Four, the plates are anchored in position and are not going to slip. Feel free to bite into an apple and rest assured everything will remain in place. Smile as much as you want and know your Teeth in a Day are going nowhere.

Basic Care Keeps the Smile Looking Great

Caring for All on Four and keeping them look great is not difficult. You still brush after meals.m using some sort of oral irrigator to remove residue left after brushing is a good idea. You’ll still have the teeth cleaned a couple times a year. People with All on Four procedures are quick to point out that the adjustments in their dental hygiene are minor and ensure the smile continues to be brilliant with minimal effort.

Almost as Strong as Natural Teeth

If you’re concerned about damage to the plates, rest assured that the All on Four in Mississauga provides you with plates that hold up well. In fact, they are almost as strong as your natural teeth were back in the day. That also goes a long way to ensure your smile always looks its best.

A Solution That Lasts For Years

All on Four is not a choice that provides short-term results. With proper care, there’s no reason to replace the supporting posts or the plate. Compare that to the need to replace traditional dentures after several years. Instead of having to go through periodic fittings, you can bet your smile will look just the same for a long time.

Are you ready to enjoy a beautiful smile again? Talk with your dentist about All on Four procedures. Once you understand what they mean to your dental health and your appearance, choosing to go with All on Four in Mississauga will be easy.

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